Wonderful news! The Juror has made the Aesthetica Short Film Festival Official Selection 2015! We look forward to going to York to chaperone the film and have a look at all the amazing things going on at ASFF! Check out the fest online ASFF 2015 and follow all the latest on twitter @asffest! Go Team Juror!!!

The pre-production is now entering it’s final phases and I find myself casting “The Juror”. If you are lucky enough to have the budget for it, the sensible thing to do is to get a dedicated Casting Director on board. A Casting Director has spent years building their knowledge of which actors are out there […]

As Mark Twain once famously wrote, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.” As for the naked part, that’s not the kind of film I’m trying to make anyway, but he has a valid point. Who are these characters in ‘The Juror’ and what are they wearing? I wanted […]

One of the things that really came home to me this week in starting to play around with editing, was the role of sound on a film. Earlier this week on Graham Norton’s chat show, Tarantino was shown the ‘Royale with Cheese’ scene from “Pulp Fiction” re-dubbed in a Kerry accent. You Tube is littered […]

More out of interest than anything else, Jonas and I decide to go to an evening called: ‘Directing Essentials’ held by Raindance. As we register at the door and pick up our packs, I’m enjoying this feeling of being a student of something again; studying a craft and I relish every moment of it. In […]

12th January 2013 London has just had a massive temperature drop but I wrap myself up like the Michelin man and head out to check some facts and locations with Jonas, the Producer. In the screenplay of “The Juror”, I’ve added an exterior shot to contextualise the drama which wasn’t possible in the theatre and […]

18th November 2012 Well, here goes. I sent Jonas the script  of “The Juror” this morning. It is still it’s in the stage play format but at least he can get to read the story. So. Wait and see… Later: Amazingly, I have heard straight back from Jonas! He says he loves the story and the […]

November 17 2012: An excellent day of rehearsals on “Pinocchio” with some really creative ideas but I’m absolutely shattered. I had an interesting encounter on the tube today. On the mad dash from Redbridge Drama Centre to the Finborough Theatre, I was sewing some fox ears onto a hat, (as you do…) when I notice […]